Art Challenges

Marker Universe Exclusive 2021 Blind Box
What is the Marker Universe Blind Box? First, we assemble a box of mystery supplies. The challenge is to create any piece of art using only what is provided in the box. You can use a select few or all of the items, but try not to use anything else! Tag us or use #mublindbox so we can share and feature your amazing and unique art! 

Blind Boxes are an excellent way to challenge yourself artistically, expand your art supply collection, or try out new products, all at a great price!

Marker Universe #ColorsoftheMonth Challenge
December's #ColorsoftheMonth are here! On the first of each month, we announce four colors. The challenge is to use one, two, or all four of the colors to create any piece of art - but no other colors! Blending the four colors expands your color palette, and as always, black and white do not count (mix to utilize different shades of grey). Below are the color hex codes to help you match the #COTM with your favorite art medium and brand as well as work digitally.


Marker Universe is your source for the #ColorsoftheMonth and Blind Box challenge.
When available, shop #COTM color matches and the Blind Box below.