Featured Artist: Antoine Dacheville

Allow us to introduce the incredibly multi-talented Antoine Dacheville! Antoine hails from France, is a Graph’it Marker expert, and shares our love for all things superhero related.
Check out the interview below:


How did you first discover your passion for art? Tell us a little bit about your journey becoming an artist.

I draw since my childhood. At first, it was a kind of hobby. Today, it's a real passion. It's been 5 years I draw every day, about 3 to 4 hours when it's possible (because of the work, I'm a nurse). I think that drawing is a way to express myself. I discovered my passion in 2008, when I saw Iron Man in the theatre. It was at this moment I became a superheroes' fan and I began to draw more and more. And you know, it became a passion.


What inspires you as an artist?

There is lot of things that inspire me. First of all: the world of superheroes. Stan Lee, one of my great sources of inspiration said: "That person who helps others simply because it should be so, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero!". Well, I think that superheroes are the best of humanity. Of course, I love costumes and the idea of superpowers. But it is their stories that is striking and very inspirational. Then, there are many artists who inspires me like Alex Ross, Ryan Meinerding or Jim Cheung. Being able to draw a superhero is possible to everyone with work and practice. But being able to imagine suit designs is something else. That's why I admire these artists. I'm beyond honored to be noticed by Ryan Meinerding. He has shared my Iron Spider drawing, based on his own work. It was a great day and it inspires me to do better every time I draw.

What drew you to focus on Marvel characters in your art?

As you know, I only draw superheroes because that's what I like to do. It's very simple.  As I always said : drawing is my passion and superheroes are my inspiration. I remember when I saw the first movie of the MCU in 2008 with my parents. It was amazing and that is when I understood. I realized that there is so much to do with an universe like this. Today, I use movies as inspiration and that's why I draw in the realistic style. Plus, I'm a big fan of comics and I have a great book collection. So I'm still in this “heroic universe”.


What do you love about Graph'it Markers?

What I like with Graph'it Markers is the wide choice of colors but also the different ranges. You know I really like the Markers but I prefer the Brush because the brush nib makes shading much easier and the extra fine nib really helps for the very small shades. But Graph'it is not just markers. I also use Graph'it Shake, essential for my drawings because I use a lot of white in all of them. I'm proud to be part of the Graph'it team.

How did you first discover Graph'it Markers?

I discovered those markers by doing research. Before, I used Promarkers. They are good but I felt kind of limited with the possibilities (of techniques for example). So I discovered the Graph'it Markers in an art shop. Since this moment, I always use my Graph'it markers.

In addition to Graph'it Markers, what are some of your other favorite tools?

Graph'it are 80% of my work. I also use Polychromos pencils for inking and for making suit textures and details. As I said before, I also use Graph'it Shake. For the colors, I mainly work with gray, red and blue.

What advice do you have for young artists starting out?

For a young artist, I think the most important thing is to have fun. Just enjoy. Do not draw for others but for yourself. Also, I think it's easier to start with characters you love. Practice is essential. For example, I draw 3 hours a day and it's not always drawings I share on my Instagram. These are two major “rules”: pleasure and practice. Stan Lee said, "The only advice anybody can give is, if you want to be a writer, keep writing. And read all you can, read everything!”. I think it's the same with drawing. If you want to draw, then draw and look at the others works to inspire you, discover new techniques, materials and artists.


What's next for you as an artist?

I became a Spiderman cosplayer for 1 year. I use more and more of my poses to imagine new fan art. I am a kind of articulated mannequin in life size haha. Finally, I've done lot of convention with my suit. I think it would be a great experience to do it as an artist. Also, I would like to make some new giant drawings like the Avengers fan art I have done in tribute to the movie End Game after 80 hours of work.

Where are the best places for people to follow your work?

Well, I think that’s pretty easy. I only use Instagram and it's on it that I share my “work in progress” and finished drawings pictures. However, some many people asked me if I have a YouTube channel. So I think it would be interesting to create one and to do time-lapse to show people different ways to draw.

Make sure to follow Antoine on instagram for more amazing art and don’t forget to check out our selection of Graph’it Markers!