Graph’it Markers hail from France and have several different product lines. Explore their markers, brush markers, lining pens, paint markers, and so much more.


Alcohol-Based Twin Tip Markers: Fine & Chisel Nibs

A classic combination of a chisel tip on one end and a fine nib on the other, available in 176 colors.

Alcohol-Based Twin Tip Markers: Brush & Liner

A new generation of alcohol-based markers with a long and responsive brush nib on one end plus an extra-fine and calibrated 0.5mm nib on the other, available in 96 colors.

Refillable Ink for Alcohol-Based Markers

Coded for a perfect match with Graph’It markers, refillable inks are available in 36 colors for use with both the black and white-bodied markers.


Fine Liners Pigmented Ink

Manufactured in Japan, the Graph’It Liners offer a high-quality pigmented water-based ink in a variety of nibs and colors, all compatible with alcohol-based markers.

Graph’O Twin Tip Water-Based Markers

Available in 48 intense and vibrant colors, Graph’O Markers contain watercolor ink with a soft and flexible brush nib on one end and an extra-fine calibrated 0.5 nib on the other.

Shake Paint Markers

Shake Paint pens draw on most surfaces, are water & UV-resistant and available in 4 nib sizes: extra fine, fine, medium, and XL.



Miss & Mister GRAPH’IT are poseable figurines for drawing with facial features, muscles, 18 articulation points and 30 rotation axes. More realistic than the classic wooden mannequin, they allow you to learn to draw the human body in movement by realistically reproducing an infinite number of poses.

Screen Tones and templates

A screen makes it possible to bring dynamism to a drawing: an atmosphere, a background or a textile motif for example! This tool is widely used in Japan by mangakas to create professional-looking scenarios. It is also a faster technique than if you had to draw the pattern!