Art by @artuniverse6

Art by @artuniverse6


Understanding the Graph’it Color System

The Graph’it color chart numbers are composed of 4 digits. Once you understand the system, building your GRAPH’IT color collection and pairing colors will be a breeze!

Technical Tutorial 1: HOW TO COLOR skin “COMIC-STYLE” with ALCOHOL MARKERS

Philippe Dessoly, a French illustrator working in the world of manga and comics, walks you through a tutorial on skin coloring in comics style.

… Made, of course, entirely with Graph’it alcohol markers.



Technical Tutorial 2: HOW TO make gradients with graph’it Markers

In his latest tutorial, Philippe Dessoly, a French illustrator working in the world of manga and comics, demonstrates how to create gradients with alcohol-based markers.

Technical Tutorial 3: HOW TO draw metal surfaces with graph’it Markers

Using an example with Iron Man, Philippe Dessoly demonstrates how you can achieve a metal look with your alcohol-based markers to have almost the same look as on a tablet.



Technical Tutorial 4: HOW TO make shadows with graph’it Markers

Artist Philippe Dessoly offers two new tutorials to learn how to draw shadows with his video game character Mr. Nutz!

Technical Tutorial 5: HOW TO ink with Graph’it Liners

Antoine Dacheville demonstrates techniques on how to ink with Graph’it Liners.



Technical Tutorial 7: HOW TO Draw a Realistic Spiderman with Antoine Dacheville

Antoine Dacheville walks you through how to draw a realistic Spidey, from sketch to ink to color in this easy to follow tutorial with Graph’it Markers.

How to use the Graph’it Blender

The blender is an alcohol-based marker without tinted ink, which means that it doesn’t contain any color. Why would you need a transparent marker? It is needed to achieve a variety of technics : Shading, blending, lightening, and retouching.



All about Graph’it Shake Paint Markers

Opaque water-based ink markers are the ideal addition to the range of 176 colors of alcohol-based markers.

With a new logo and dynamic graphic chart, SHAKE will seduce with its balanced and vibrant colors, and its 5 different nibs.