All about Graph’it Shake Paint Markers

Graph’it marker’s range is getting bigger!

Opaque water-based ink markers are the ideal addition to the range of 176 colors of alcohol-based markers.

With a new logo and dynamic graphic chart, SHAKE will seduce with its balanced and vibrant colors, and its 5 different nibs.

The Extra fine nib (0,7mm) is appreciated for the finest details. 13 colors


The 2nd is the fine nib (2,5mm) : selected by users for multiples applications, it is also illustrators and crafter s’ favorite nib, Graph’It SHAKE offers 21 colors from which 6 are unique in opaque paint markers.


The widest color range is for the medium nib; it is used for many applications, from hobby users to street artists.
Medium nib has 23 colors.


The large nib is the classical chisel nib, it is a calligraphy must-have, used in hobby as well. 12 colors are available in Large nib.


The XL nib is a classic street art instrument, for example lettering on posters and walls. GRAPHIT SHAKE has a handy size, the Chunky body, smaller than most markers allow a more affordable price too… It offers  a pyramidal nib of 16 mm ideal for Calligraphy. It covers easily large areas for indoor and outdoor projects. 12 bright colours are available in XL Chunky nib.


A few characteristics of GRAPH’IT Shake :


Opaque (good coverage even on dark surfaces)

High grade pigment quality

UV Resistant

Water Resistant

Almost no odor

Need to be shaken & pumped to mix pigments, hence its name : Graph’It SHAKE