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IC PROGEAR Razor Knife


IC Progear Cutter features a thick, round body, making it easy to hold and control while cutting around curves. For use with screen tones and other design works like model kit building. The pen-shape allows smaller, precise cuts.

Includes cap and 12 blades.

For Manga use or model kit building.
Pen-shaped for cutting curves and angles easily
Cutting Knife for screentones
includes 16 spare blades

How to use:
Place the screen tone on to the image with the back sheet still on, then cut out the bigger than the area where you need the screen tone applied.
Peel off the screen from the back sheet, place it on the image, and cut it along the lines with the ProGear Cutter. Peel off the excess.
Place 2 pieces of scrap paper over the image, and using a burnisher rub on the screen tone.

How to set the blade:
Set the blade before use. Turn the grip to the right to loosen the screw. After the groove opens, push the blade in straight and turn the grip to the left to tighten again.

*Use caution when handling the blades*

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