In Danger Threatened & Endangered Animals


The In Danger project is a high-end art book being produced by Expedition Art in collaboration with some of the most well-known concept artists, designers, and fine artists in the world. Expedition Art worked with 51 different artists from 8 countries to create imagery of 97 unique animals. Each animal portrayed in the book has a detailed description, interesting facts about the creature, as well as insightful thoughts from the artist. Each project Expedition Art produces donates profits to a partner non-profit organization that directly affects wildlife and nature conservation. Expedition Art's goal is to educate and raise awareness through art.

Featured Artists: Kei Acedera, Nicolas Acuna, Laurel D. Austin, Daren Bader, Naomi Baker, Shannon Beaumont, Greg Beecham, Aaron Blaise, Aleksi Briclot, Wesley Burt, Luis Carrasco, Manny Carrasco ("Manu"), Alisa Caves, Jason Chan, Bobby Chiu, J.A.W. Cooper, Thierry Doizon, Paschalis Dougalis, Kness, Bruno Gore, Chihiro Howe, Esther van Hulsen, Viktor Kalvachev, Justin Kaufman, Han Soo Kim ("Hans Olo"), Kim Jung Gi, Kekai Kotaki, Jonathan Kuo, Steph Laberis, David Levy ("Vyle"), Janet Luxton, Christina Louise Marent, Iain McCaig, Shawn Melchor, Brynn Metheney, Thabiso Mhlaba, Dan Milligan, Borislav Mitkov, Charity Oetgen, Karla Ortiz, John Park, Ronda Rousey, Don Seegmiller, Allison Theus, Kristy Tipton, A.J. Trahan, Jose Vazquez, Joe Weatherly, Claire Wendling, Terryl Whitlatch, Mike Wiesmeier. 

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