Monthly Art Challenges

Check out all of our Monthly Art Challenges for October!

On the first of each month, we announce four colors. The challenge is to use one, two, or all four of that month’s colors to create any piece of art - but no other colors! Blending the colors expands your color palette, and as always, black and white do not count (mix to utilize different shades of grey). Below are the color hex codes to help you match the #COTM with your favorite art medium and brand as well as work digitally.


Marker Universe is your source for the #ColorsoftheMonth challenge. When available, shop #COTM color matches below.


31 Days of Halloween Tales Daily Prompt!



Starting October 1st, use your original characters to create illustrations based on our prompt list above. Each day the story will evolve into a spooky adventure! Make sure to tag us and use #muprompt so we can share your work. Follow us on Instagram to follow along!