Karin Pigment DecoBrush Grey Colors 12pc Set


The New Karin DecoBrush Pigment markers feature a brush-like nib that requires zero pumping for paint flow. Just shake and paint! The DecoBrush Pigment markers contain 2.4ml of non-toxic organic pigment-based paint. All Karin markers are created using “liquid ink” technology, ensuring ink consumption of 100%. Pigment markers are available in 84 colors and work on a variety of substrates such as glass, paper and card stock, some plastics, wood, stone, canvas, and more.

Grey Colors 12pc Set: Neutral grey 1, Neutral grey 2, Neutral grey 3, Warm grey 1, Warm grey 2, Warm grey 3, Cool grey 1, Cool grey 2, Cool grey 3, Curry , Olive Green , Olive Black.

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