W&N BrushMarker 24 Student Designer

W&N BrushMarker 24 Student Designer


A balanced collection of complementary tones and statement colors – essential in a range of disciplines – makes this set ideal for design students in school or higher education, or for professional designers. The BrushMarker Student Designer 24 Set is also great for anyone looking to start or expand a collection with a versatile range of marker colors.

This set includes:

• Statement colors like Carmine, a bright, hot pink that's perfect for shadowed areas on pink items, and Indigo Blue, a particularly luscious shade of blue with a strong purple presence.

• Neutral tones including Cool Grey 1, Cool Grey 3 and Cool Grey 5 – the lightest, middle and darkest shades in the neutral Cool Grey family, ideal for highlighting or creating shade and shadows.

• Black is a staple color for your collection, whether used as an outliner or worked into your composition.

Full list of colors:

Lemon, Amber, Bright Orange, Rose Pink, Carmine, Ruby, Maroon, Plum, Cloud Blue, Sky Blue, Egyptian Blue, Indigo Blue, Pebble Blue, Ocean Teal, Forest Green, Lush Green, Champagne, Cinnamon, Saddle Brown, Henna, Cool Grey 1, Cool Grey 3, Cool Grey 5 and Black.

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