W&N ProMarker 24 Arts & Illustration Wallet

W&N ProMarker 24 Arts & Illustration Wallet


Carefully curated to offer a balanced range of vibrant, neutral and mid tones, this set is versatile for a wide variety of arts and illustration work. It's also perfect for anyone looking to build their ProMarker collection. 

This set includes:

  • Vibrant tones like Bright Orange, with its pure, blazing radiance, and Hot Pink, the reddest shade on the ProMarker spectrum of pinks.

  • Neutral tones including Cool Grey 2 ‚Äì the second lightest in the Cool Grey family, perfect for highlighting objects, or using as a base color for black objects ‚Äì and Cool Grey 4, a dark shade to create intriguing shadows for black objects.

  • Mid tones like Lemon, a light to mid-range yellow, and Soft Green, full of minty blue undertones.

Full list of colors:

Lemon, Pumpkin, Bright Orange, Red, Crimson, Hot Pink, Rose Pink, Orchid, Violet, Duck Egg, Cyan, True Blue, Midnight Blue, Turquoise, Soft Green, Moss, Grass, Green, Cocoa, Saffron, Putty, Cool Grey 2, Cool Grey 4 and Black.

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