How to use Winsor & Newton Neon & Metallic Markers 

Get the most out of your Winsor & Newton Neon and Metallic Markers. Learn about their best uses and how to care for them.

Winsor & Newton Neon Markers - Tips & Techniques

Neon Marker offers brilliant, fluorescent color. These markers are perfect for adding vibrant highlights, definition and texture to your designs. This video shows how to create amazing effects by taking advantage of the two different nibs included on each Neon Marker and how to effectively use our blender marker.


Learn more to add UV highlights using Neon Markers.


Winsor & Newton Metallic Markers - Tips & Techniques

Metallic Marker offers intense, shimmery color, perfect for adding highlights and texture to your designs. The pigment-based ink used is lightfast enough to provide long-lasting results. It also blends well with water to create further metallic effects. Each pen is twin-tipped, with a broader bullet nib suitable for filling in large areas, and a smaller one for detailed work.


Using Winsor & Newton Metallic Markers

How to use Winsor & Newton Metallic Markers with useful tips and techniques including color mixing using water and a non stick surface, transferring onto paper and rubber stamping.


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